Night Goblin Ambush!

More Night Goblins are ready to join the ranks of my Warmaster Greenskin Army!

These are all part of the same Magister Millitum pack as the goblins I did some time ago. With a pack of 30 I’ve been able to fill 4 stands of troops. You can see them forming a nice chunky block on the header image.

I know Warmaster uses units of 3 stands, but I wanted to spread them out to give them a kind of skirmisher look. I don’t think Goblins, and specially mushroom addicted ones, would be very disciplined.

If I buy a couple more packs I’ll be able to create 4 full units out of only 3 packs. Savings! And the current 4 stands will work fine for another project I have in the works.

A unit of Night Goblins for Warmaster

A unit of Night Goblins for Warmaster

I’ve used some taller grass on the Goblins, as if they were trying to ambush the enemy. Not like the Dwarves and Orcs, which with their more regimented look would trample over it most likely.

To finish off the look, I built a tiny paper banner for the standard-bearer with the spike Eye of Sauron, or the Dagger Eye Clan symbol.

Something I did this time, and I did it also to the rest of my painted Warmaster bases, was paint the trim with Armypainter Oak Brown, which matches pretty closely the brown color of the plastic bases. Seeing the photo of my first goblin stand with the trim dirtied by the Vallejo Texture was bothering me a lot. Now they all have nice and tidy bases, as it should be.

Obligatory Army photo

Obligatory Army photo

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