Bolt Action Pin Markers

I’ve made my own pin markers for Bolt Action using Warlord’s Bolt Action pin markers. Genius!

Wait, no! There’s more to it!

Warlord’s pin markers look cool. They’re a rifle with a helmet on top, representing an improvised grave for a soldier. They sell them in a blister with a lot of them. I got the generic one, with mixed markers from various armies because that’s the only one the store could order (and I didn’t care much), but there’s also specific sets for each army.

The idea is to use one of those rifles for each pin your unit gets. I wasn’t very fond of that because it can be bothersome when moving units with many pins. I’d rather use dice to mark the pins.

The problem with using dice is that I tend to forget and pick them when I need to roll some dice.

What I did was buy some 5mm Hit Marker Dice Frames from Minibits. They come with 10 dice and 10 MDF widgets to hold the dice.


Then I just took one Bolt Action base and glued a pin marker and a dice holder frame. As the frames are quite small, I recommend putting the glue on the base instead of on the frame to avoid sticky fingers.

I then gave them a quick paintjob and based them using the same techniques I use for my Germans.

So there you have it, and easy and fast way to have some pin markers for Bolt Action that mix the character of Warlord’s markers and the usefulness of using dice without any chance of picking them up by mistake!

Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, my newer phone’s battery died and I had to go back to using my old phone.

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