Infinity Encounter ITS

My first Infinity Tournament. Three matches. One objective: Don’t be last. Keep on reading to find out what happened!

I arrived at the Tournament, where we were greeted by the trhee judges. They gave us a tour around the tables, explaining how they would be played so there was no doubt about what elements could block line of sight, which buildings we could enter or how to climb to the top of the buildings.

Cold Sleep

My first match was against another newbie, playing Aleph. He had experience playing N2, but this was his first N3 match.

Aleph is full of elite profiles, which are not easy to bring down. He had some of the special characters I’ve had to face before, which I knew I had to deal with them ASAP, or avaoid them.

I lost the roll up and he decided to choose deployment zone, so I decided to go first. I deployed my army in a defensive way and left the Raiden with HRL as my last mini to try and counter any threaths.


JSA waiting for Aleph’s deployment

He also went for a defensive deployment, but I placed my HRL Raiden in a rooftop from were I could see his Myrmidon link team. But with his last deployment he placed Atalanta on a rooftop with line of sight to my Raiden.

I moved my Haramaki through cover and downed Atalanta with the missile launcher. Now that I thought my Raiden was safer, he shoot the Myrmidons. After a couple of orders, I managed to hit but not wound them, and the Raiden was down.

I then continued moving my Haramaki and shot at Ajax. I got him with a crit! And luck was on my side, as he failed two armor rolls and went down.

With what I thought were his bigger threats out of the game it was time to spend some orders capturing objectives.

It was a very good first turn that set the flow of the battle. I ended up winning 7-0 and it felt great. A really good start!

Quadrant Control

My second match was against Nomads. Sin-Eater, Krazy Koalas, camos and lots of nasty tricks. I had an Oniwaban and three ninja on my bag of tricks. As well as a Raiden with Spitfire.

They didn't know, but there was an Oniwaban right on their back

They didn’t know, but there was an Oniwaban right on their back

It was a hard fought battle, that ended in a draw (3-3). Really fun and I learned a lot on how to use your camo troops effectively. And those Krazy Koalas are nasty! Poor Oniwaban…

Krazy Koalas waiting for the Oniwaban to show up

Krazy Koalas waiting for the Oniwaban to show up

Antennas Field

On my last match I faced Haqqislam for the first time. He had lots of cheap troops that were able to deploy near my delpoyment zone as tokens. He succeded with the roll for two of them.

But what was worse was an impersonator with shotgun! He got my Aragoto hacker right away, and almost killed the Kempei too. But I was able to make the armor roll.

I spent my first turn trying to clear his troops near my deployment zone and was only able to get two antennas against his three.

It was a really frustating match against an oponent that clearly knew the rules better than I did and was able to exploit it to great use.

But when I thought everything was lost a nearby judge told us that camo troops can’t capture objectives. And two of his objective holders were in camo state! After adjusting the score I won 4-2 through a technicality and having my ass kicked. A bittersweet victory.

After all was said and done I placed 6th (of twelve)! My rivals on the tournament placed last, third and fith respectively. I was really happy with my performance.

Even if it was a really tiring day, I had a great time and learned a lot more about Infinity. Next time I’ll go with a fully painted army for sure!

Stormcast Eternals Army (I)
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