Goblins are small and treacherous creatures

Between all the other painting projects, I’ve found some time to paint a stand of Goblins from Magister Millitum .

The pack comes with thirty goblins. You get a couple of poses only (shooting and drawing). I haven’t bothered counting if there’s 15 of each, as they’re quite similar.

Edit: The pack also includes 3 command figures (hero, banner and musician). Sorry I didn’t mention it the first time around

As can be seen in the photos, the scale works fine with Copplestone’s miniatures. They’re slightly shorter than the Orcs and about the same height as the dwarves.

They’re not as well sculpted as Copplestone’s 10mm Fantasy miniatures, but that’s something you’ll notice on closer inspection. From a distance, they look fine. They have a kind of roughness that adds to their evil appearance.

I gave them a quicker paintjob as they aren’t as nice as the Copplestone miniatures. Instead of basing 10 miniatures per base in two rows, I wanted to give the goblins a more disordered look, kind of skirmishers. As I imagine them way more undisciplined. In this case I based 8 miniatures and added a couple of Army Painter turfs.

I’ve got a few more references from Magister Millitum I’ll be reviewing as I paint them.

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