Alleyway Carnage! (JSA vs Aleph)

My latest Infinity match was a bloody battle against Aleph were Penthesilea faced my deadly Haramaki.

We were playing Biotechvore, so we rushed to the middle of the table to avoid the deadly area around the deployment zones. But the middle of the table was way more deadlier.

My Haramaki link team rushed through an alley at the left flank as the spearhead of my army. Soon enough an Aleph hacker raced to a nearby building, with Achilles and some more company, to try to hack my Haramaki.


I tried to be sneaky with my Oniwaban from the right flank, but Achilles proved to be a really though cookie. I threw everything I could against Achilles but I only was able to cause one wound.

Penthesilea raced to the left flank to meet my Haramaki’s. Instead of dodging or any other cowardly action, I decided to ARO engaging her to try and cut her in half.

It was a fun and deadly battle (which I lost very badly). Not very deep in strategy, but perfect to try some new things.


Penthesilea and the Haramaki fight to the dead, when a Moria Goblin appears!

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