Dwarf Bulwarkers

A little review of the Dwarven Warriors from Mom Miniaturas and the small conversion I’m doing to turn them into Dwarf Bulwarkers for Kings of War.

Mom Miniaturas is a small spanish miniature company (Who recently added international shipping, by the way). They produce some really cool not-Warhammer resin miniatures at very affordable prices. I bought the 20 Dwarf Warrior unit for 20€. For those not very good at math, that’s 1€ for miniature!

What do I think about them? Well, I think that the sculpting style is very cool. The casting is not so good, but it isn’t bad either.


If you look closely around the legs, for example, it’s noticeable that a lot of the details aren’t very sharp. That being said, I think they’re very good miniatures for big units. Once built and painted, the overall look is going to be very good. I wouldn’t use them for a painting competition, but for wargame players they’re fantastic.

As I’ve said earlier they’re resin miniatures, not restic. So cleaning is quite easy and fast. They’re also quite fast to put together, as they’re only 3 pieces each. The main body and the two hands with the weapon or shield. That means they’re not very modular. But again, that’s part of their philosophy of bringing cheap infantry to the table. You also won’t get any extra bits or anything (besides a few extra duplicates of weapons, in case any of the is a miscast).

Of course it’s a matter of personal taste. But if I had to choose between spending 40€ on 10 GW or 40 Mom Dwarves I’d choose Mom Miniaturas.

Click on the image for a detailed view of the casting quality

Click on the image for a detailed view of the casting quality

Regarding the conversion, it’s just a weapon swap. I liked the style of the miniatures, but I don’t think I need more clan warriors, and I wasn’t very fond of Mantic’s own Bulwalkers (plus they seem to be a little complicated to build).

Just chop the weapon, drill a hole and put a lance on them. With those big shields I think they have a pretty cool Spartan vibe.

My first idea was to buy some brass lances from any historical range. Then I realized that both Mantic and Wargames Factory’s skeletons come with spears with no hands attached to them, and I had a box of each at home.

I went with the Wargames Factory lances for a couple of reasons. You have a lot more of them per box, and Mantic’s have a more (fittingly) undeadish look with broken edges and so.

I’ve glued the drilled hands to the bodies, but not the spears or the shield hand so they’re easier to paint. Then I just need to cut the spear around where the dwarf will hold it and push each half into the hand. Easy!

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  1. Hi there, could you kindly send me an email please? I was hoping for a little advice on these dwarf models 🙂

    I’ve added my email in the comment box below for you.

    Great work with the bulwarkers, I’d love to see them painted up!


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