Hero Holder Set & Mayhem Trackers

I recently bought some laser-cut acrylic gaming aids for my Imperial Fists army and I’ll use them to kick off my review posts.

What I got are the Hero Holder Set & Mayhem Trackers from Mechahical Warhorse.


The first thing I got was the Hero Holder Set. They’re trays for single miniatures that come with a space to place one or two dices on them for wounds and such. While you don’t need them at all, they’re a really nice way to know which dice belongs to which mini. I think they’re a really clever idea.

The set comes with one base of each regular base size you’ll see on a 40K game: you get one for a regular marine, a terminator and a biker each with a space for a single dice. And one for a Dredadnought and flyer that can hold two dice (for hull points and vehicle damage). As a nice bonus, the set comes with enough dice for every base.

I got the black set, but they’re also available in a grey set or as individual pieces.

As I’m going to magnetize the miniature bases for transport, I’ll put some adhesive metal on the trays so the minis stay better in place while gaming.


I also bought the Mayhem Tracker. Mostly because I was already buying the Hero Holder and the Mayhem set was for 3 vehicles, just what I needed for my 3 Rhinos.

The set comes with 3 cog shaped bases where you can put the markers and a variety of markers. The markers come in two shapes and two colours, so you get red & yellow explosions and white & red skulls. The markers have some black “dirt” around the edges, which might be the result of the laser cut. But it comes out easily if you rub them with your fingers.


The markers fit nicely on the bases, but not really tight. Meaning that if you flip them they’ll fall (but you wouldn’t want to do that anyway). But you can place & remove the markers easy enough on the bases and they’ll stay in place while you move them around.

Overall, some nice products that’ll help make your battlefiled look nicer instead of having lose dices lying around.

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