Look What I’ve Got! (Operation: Icestorm, Space Hulk & Sanctus Reach)

This Monday I went to get my Operation: Icestorm pre-order, and took the chance to make the pre-order for the just announced Infinity 3rd Edition. Clever Corvus Belli. I haven’t had the chance to mess with it, as for the next couple of days I was away in a business trip. But now that I’m back I’ll have to resist the urge to play with it. My Imperial Fists aren’t playable yet!


A couple of weeks ago I bought the latest Space Hulk and the Sanctus Reach not-starter set. Same as with the Infinity starter, I have to leave them aside while I keep working on my IFs. But well, they’re a preview of things to come.

While I’ve never played Infinity, I do have a Yu Jing army with around 300pts. but I’d like to be able to field a Japanese Sectorial. I started to paint them a long time ago, before starting this blog. Funnily enough, I’ve used a quicker paint style than with my 40k minis when the model count is much lower for Infinity. But as the Operation: Icestorm boxset has two new armies, I’ll be able to paint them with whatever style I want.


I had my doubts about getting Space Hulk, even if I have the 2nd Edition and it’s a game I love. But being only a 2 player game I’m not sure if I’ll have many chances to play it. And if I wanted to, I always had 2nd Edition. In the end I bought it because the minis look fantastic and I hope painting them will help me fight the urge to start Blood Angels and Tyranids armies.

While Sanctus Reach is the start of my Space Wolf & Ork armies. They’re both factions that from time to time I get the urge to paint, specially Orks. And as I knew it was only a matter of time before I got some, it felt like a good deal to get the boxed set.

Something I don’t like about both of them, and the main reason I passed on them on release, is that they’re limited products. I feel GW is being evil , specially with Space Hulk (as aside from a couple of minis, you can get everything from Sanctus Reach at any time), and artificially increasing demand doing that.

But I was lucky enough to find them at a videogame store that also has some wargaming products. I gave myself a few days to think if I wanted them or not. And when I was sure that the answer was yes, as they were still available I got them.

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