Crazy Project: Imperial Fists (III)

The month is about to end, and I still don’t know anything about the 40k league. Today I’ll go to the store and ask about it, just in case I’ve missed an email. Not that I’m complaining, because the Emperor knows I need all the extra time I can get, after all.

I’ve got my 3 Flamers done and the plan is to slowly work on the Heavy Weapons during the week. I’ve also started working on the 3 Rhinos, which I’ll try to finish during the weekend. With that, the only things left are the 4 Sergeants and Lysander. And the Drop Pod.

I want to magnetize the Sergeants to allow swaping weapons… but I think I won’t have enough magnets. I did place an order for more, but it hasn’t arrived yet.


I’m not sure about Lysander. I wanted to do a Space Marine army where everyone is wearing their helmet, an that could be the Imperial Fists. I don’t know if I’ll try the conversion or not, it depends on the time I have.

And then there’s the Drop Pod. If I don’t have time, I’ll upgrade the 3 Tactical Sergeants to veterans and give grenades to one of them instead…

I want to have them “Battle Ready” asap… it’s not cool spending so much time painting and not having any finished model. I’d like to start working on finishing some models but alas, can’t right now.

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