Beyond the Gates of Antares

Rick Priestley, of GW fame, has an interesting Kickstarter project: Beyond the Gates of Antares. It’s not only a new Sci-Fi universe. It’s a universe were the players help shape the future of it, “real time”. A really nice concept with huge potential to build a worldwide community. If you didn’t know about it, go check it out.

Not much to see as far a miniatures or concept art goes, as it’s only beginning (and they want the community to take part in it, so first they need to build that community) but they do have an Ape race, and that’s always cool. They do have a Kickstarter exclusive mini by Kev White, and it’s amazingly cool.

Beyond the Gates of AntaresKev White was the first sculptor whose work I could identify. I remeber seeing a Barbarian army for the fatansy game of the Warzone Chronicles guys, with a warboss mounted on an elk or something like thar. Really, really, cool. I believe some of them, if not all, where done by Kev. Around the time I wanted to try some non-GW games, i-Kore appeared. They were pushing heavily their free rules for Void, so I decided to give them a try and whem I checked their website I saw Kevs space marines. I was sold.

I didn’t like the bulky look of the 40K Space Marines, I wanted something more like the Aliens space marines, and Void had them with great sculpts. I bought a pair of starter armies to try and sell my friends into the game (and I did!). Then they released Celtos, with barbarians from Kev. They were all so good, the stupid Kev White sold me on all the armies. I even have some elfs. Elfs! I have tons of Kev’s i-Kore stuff. A lot.

Anyway, Beyond the Gates of Antares. Interesting project. I’m sure Rick will craft an interesting system (the gameplay videos show some interesting mechanichs already), so it’ll be a good game. But, for me, knowing that Kev is also behind it means it’ll have some really cool miniatures to paint.

Take my money already!

Dark Angels Test Model
Tactical Squads... not finished yet

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