And here we go!

After years away from the hobby I wanted to paint some Space Marines. I tried to fight the urge, and bought Dawn at War II instead. It worked for a few days, but in the long run it was a bad call. I was enjoying my time with the Blood Ravens so much that it only increased my desire to get back into Warhammer 40,000.

My first idea was to build either a custom chapter, some Ultramarines or my newly discovered Blood Ravens. Using those cool third party shoulder parts & bits to have some detailed armors. But that changed soon.

While browsing the Games Workshop website I found that a new boxed edition was recently released. The Space Marines this time were the Dark Angels, and it was difficult to use the minis for another chapter as they had lots of DA details sculpted onto them. Buying the set to scrap all the details only to add new details from another chapter made no sense, as I wanted an easy entry point.

One of the chapters I used to paint back in the day were the Dark Angels, so in a way that made it more of a return. So last Saturday I ended up buying the Dark Vengeance Limited Edition. I suppose I was lucky, it was supposedly sold out but the store I went to “only had” the limited edition.

So here it is, my blog about my return to the hobby of miniature painting* were I’ll post about my new Dark Angels.

*Not talking about wargaming. I doubt I’ll play any battles. I haven’t even touched the 6th Edition Rulebook, instead I found my old Angels of Death Codex and I’ve been flipping through it.

Dark Angels Assemble!

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