Sector Imperialis 32mm Bases

A very short post today. This Saturday I picked a box of the new 32mm Sector Imperialis bases, and a couple of the new gem effect paints and the 4 heroes add-on for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower… but today’s post is about the plastic bases.

Meiko Orcs for Blood Bowl

Back in the day I never had the chance to play Blood Bowl. At the new club there’s quite a few people who had kept playing, and when they started a league for it a few other newbies and myself decided to join. I got the 11 player Orc team from Meiko Miniatures to play and now we’re gonna have …

Ninja All-Stars Unboxing (I)

Every year, the six ninja clans of Kagejima island send their finest warriors to the Moonlight Tournament to win the favour of the Moon Princess. This is Ninja All-Stars, where dice with weird symbols are thrown to decide who’s the best chibi ninja around!