Waiqar Undead Legions (II)

Two weeks after I finished the test model, I’ve painted enough minis to fill the Reanimate and Archer units of the Runewars Miniature Game Core Box.

Now this is starting to look like a real Legion!

My initial plan was to paint all the infantry units at once. That’s it, double of what I’ve painted. But once I started batch painting it didn’t take me long to realize that it wouldn’t look like I was making progress in a long time. Which would demotivate me, so I quickly changed my plan to just enough models to be able to play a demo game.

It was a good call, because painting just these 24 miniatures (well, 23 without the test model) took me a while. But now that they’re finished, they got me hyped to paint the rest of the minis. Sadly, I’ll have to leave them aside while I tackle another crazy project!

Anyway, very happy with these models. Basic paintjob followed by a brushed Army Painter Dark Tone Quickshade dip and some quick extra details at the end (rust and glowy eyes).

Just a quick note on the movement trays. I don’t intend to leave them black, I’ll just work on all of them at once later on. But I wanted to show the minis in formation, as they look cooler that way.

Veer-Myn Strike Team (I)
Monthly Hobby Challenge done!

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