Waiqar Undead Legions (I)

The Undead Legions rise once again! But this time, it’s for the Runewars Miniatures Game. And to be fair, there’s no legion yet. It’s just a single test mini… but that doesn’t sound as epic.

I’ve never gotten into X-Wing because I’m no fan of prepainted miniatures, but the dial system seemed like an interesting mechanic that intrigued me.And when we first saw the Runewars miniatures, I instantly fell in love with the Carrion Lancer.

Anyway, I didn’t plan on buying into the game. Maybe later, once Dwarves or Orcs were released. But a mate at the club who bought it was looking for someone to swap half the set. And he wanted the humans! That meant two Carrion Lancers and a lot of skellies (plus no human cavalry to paint, yeah!).

That’s how I found myself with two starter set worth of Waiqar to paint.

The sculpts are really cool. I’m a big fan of the slightly cartoony style they have. What I’m not a fan of is their soft plastic. That makes cleaning mold lines really bothersome. But that might be a blessing in disguise.

I decided to only clean the most visible mold lines, as my plan is to paint these miniatures quickly.

My first idea was to use reds. But as both my recent Skitarii and a current project I’m working on use reds and blacks, I didn’t want to repeat myself. So I went with a green/purple scheme instead, as I wanted to paint the archer’s hood purple as an homage to Skeletor. But I wasn’t sold on the look.

After the failed attempt, I went back to my original idea. A simple cooper and red scheme. I was immediately happier with the result. And as all the colours work well over a brown base, it was way quicker to paint than my initial scheme.

I finished the model brushing the Army Painter Dark Tone Quickshade dip. And I must say I’m really happy with it. My first try was the Strong Tone with some Zombicide Black Plague minis. And while the result wasn’t bad, I’m a lot more satisfied with the skeleton.

Over the weekend I’ve managed to airbrush a big batch of skeletons, which I hope to finish in a week or two. I’ll keep updating the blog with my journey into fast painting.

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