Veer-Myn Strike Team (I)

I had other painting plans for the weekend, but they got sidetracked because of these rats. I’m not complaining, because now I have painted five awesome space rats for Deadzone!

While chatting on our Kings of War whatsapp group, I found out there was also a Warpath/Deadzone group. What a nice surprise! I thought I was the only one interested in Mantic’s sci-fi universe around here.

I had these five miniatures built some time ago, waiting for their turn to be painted. But after the successful test model for Runewars, I thought these were the perfect candidates for some more Quickshade.

I’m really happy with myself. I was able to paint five miniatures in a couple of days. And it took me two days because I had to wait for the dip to dry overnight.

I liked the official yellow armour (same reason I like the Imperial Fists on 40K). Painting the rest of the browns and grays over it was easy.

Nothing much to add, really. Even if they’re going to be used for a skirmish game, the idea is to keep adding models until I have a Warpath army. So the plan was to keep the painting simple.

As I mentioned on my Skitarii post, I’m still learning to paint fast. But I think these Veer-Myn was a huge leap forward. I didn’t obsess with painting every little detail, leaving many of them yellow. And even so, thanks to the simple paintjob and the magic of the Quickshade the overall result is quite nice. A full army of these is going to look amazing!

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