Monthly Hobby Challenge done!

Here’s my Human Blood Bowl team, the Ultimate Warriors! Which I painted for my latest (and first!) Monthly Hobby Challenge!

The goal was to paint the 12 human players from the Blood Bowl box during February. Then I took the minis to the club to play the league and forgot to take any photos!

Realizing I’ll keep forgetting to take the minis back home forever, I decided to take a photo at the club. Sorry for the bad quality photo and being so late!

I’ve called them the Ultimate Warriors at the beginning, but that’s not their true name. A little trivia about WWE in Spain (WWF back then), Ultimate Warrior was called Último Guerrero. Guerrero is Warrior, yes but Ultimo, while it sounds similar to Ultimate means “Last”.

So my little tribute team to Warrior, the Últimos Guerreros true name in english should be the Last Warriors. Which, also sound fairly epic. And to be fair, it’s a kind of fitting name as up until yesterday’s match they were the last team. I’m not very good at Blood Bowl. ?

Anyway, here they are. I painted them bright green and white. With fluo pink and yellow accents. As true Warriors do. I’ve also picked the single box of humans and the Ogre (Big Guys are the coolest!). Once I’ve painted the full team I’ll add grass and some mud & blood to the whole team and I’ll make a more in-depth post about them. Including how the did during the Burdin Bowl Season 2.

Waiqar Undead Legions (II)

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