Shadow War Skitarii Rangers Kill Team

I bought a couple of boxes of Skitarii when they came out. But with other projects taking priority, I never got around to painting them. With the release of Shadow War: Armageddon I had the perfect excuse to paint them!

The models are gorgeous, but a little finicky for GW’s standards. I painted them in sub-assemblies, as I thought they would be faster to paint this way. To avoid mixing parts between miniatures, I labeled 1 through 6 the various old paint pots I used to hold the multiple parts.

Overall I’m happy with the results (they even got praised at the club yesterday when I went to try the game), but it took me longer than I hoped to paint them. It was about a week or so of my free time, when I hoped to do it in 3-4 days.

I’m still learning to paint fast, and it was hard resisting the temptation to dedicate more time to paint the coats, for example. Even so, I believe the longer time was due to the amount of details the minis have, which even with a very basic paintjob takes time.

I think it won’t get very tedious to paint the rest of the miniatures to the same standard for my eventual 40K mixed Imperium forces army. Which was the reason I wanted a quicker paintjob instead of treating them like skirmish game miniatures and expending some extra time with them.

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