Top 10 Posts in 2016

Belated happy New Year! I hope to start soon with the regular posts showcasing miniatures, but first we’ll have a few New Year related posts.

And first, I’d like to start looking at which where the Top 10 Most Read posts on Tactical Suicide.

10 The Ultimate Paint Rack by Massive Voodoo

(Down from 6th Last Year) I suppose it’s the fact that I’m reviewing an item from Massive Voodoo that helps it score in the Top 10. As it’s not even an item readily available yet, so I doubt the hits come from interested buyers.

9 Bolt Action Pin Markers

(Up from 15th Last Year) Now that Warlord has released plastic Pin Markers with a dial, these might be less relevant. But I keep using them, as they match better the WWII aesthetic.

8 Kings of War: Forces of the Abyss

(New Entry) Even if it’s technically a 2015 entry, it came late in December. So this quick look at the initial releases for Mantic’s Forces of the Abyss couldn’t get a significant amount of hits during 2015.

7 Dwarf Bulwarkers

(Down from 4th Last Year) I don’t really know why this entry is so popular. Maybe because Mantic’s own Bulwarkers aren’t very popular and Dwarven players keep looking for alternatives?

6 Undead Army Project (I)

(Up from 10th Last Year) And a third Kings of War entry that makes it to the Top 10. This time the beginnings of my Undead Army project, which I’m really proud of. But reminds me that I still need to finish it.

5 JSA, the Way of the Sword

(Up from 11th Last Year) The only Infinity related post that makes it into the list, and another one I can’t really explain why. It might be because the cool title is misleading people into thinking it’s a JSA tactica article?

4 Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike Vector One – The Xilos Horizon

(Up from 5th Last Year) This quick look at Beyond the Gates of Antares’ first Starter Set almost makes it to the Top 3. It’s one of the games I’d like to dedicate some time this year, so hopefully I’ll have more content about this cool game by Rick Priestley. And if you haven’t, you should definitely check it out.

3 Make your own gaming tokens

(Down from 2nd Last Year) A nice little tutorial to make gaming tokens I learned from Guerrilla Miniature Games’ Ash. It’s popularity comes from being linked at in both the first and second posts of the ranking.

2 More Age of Sigmar Tokens

(Up from 23rd Last Year) This post was published on Christmas day in 2015, and in those six days was able to raise to the 23rd most viewed post. That, and its popularity this year, comes from being related to the overall winner, which might be pretty clear which post it is, but I still pretend to keep the suspense.

So now it’s time to reveal the big champion. Ladies and gentlemen, this year’s winner and still king of the cage, the Wolverine!:

1 Age of Sigmar Tokens

(Same place as Last Year) What a surprise! People seems to like my Age of Sigmar Tokens, which makes me really happy. When I saw them being used in a Battle Report on YouTube, it made my day.

So here they are, 2016’s most viewed post on Tactical Suicide. It was curious seeing how all of the posts were from the previous year. I’m curious to repeat this next year and see how my new content does. And mostly, if the Age of Sigmar Tokens keep being so popular for a third year in a row.

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