New Year Resolutions 2017: The Hobby

As it’s tradition (hey, it’s the third time we do this!) on Tactical Suicide, we’ll look back at our 2016 resolutions and how we did before talking about this year’s resolutions.

My first resolution for 2016 was to play more games, and in that regard I’ve succeeded with flying colours. In fact, since we started our new club my problem has been that I don’t have enough time to play so many games! One of the highlights of the year has been that almost every Friday some of us get together to play boardgames. We even have a Dungeon Saga campaign with only the final battle remaining!

Playing with mostly painted miniatures… I’m not sure about that. The times I’ve played Bolt Action or Kings of War it’s been with all (or almost all) miniatures painted. And my last Infinity tournament I went with subpar list because I only allowed myself to use painted miniatures. Other games it hasn’t been the case. So while I still play with unpainted miniatures, I’m doing well in that regard.

So my resolution this year is to not go crazy on new games. Have a small core of games I enjoy playing and concentrate on gaming and painting for those games. I should take notes of which games I play and if I do it with fully painted miniatures or not.

Right now the game I’m most interested in playing is Malifaux, while the one I keep avoiding because I don’t have enough painted minis is Age of Sigmar.

The big resolution last year was to keep track of how many miniatures I buy and paint, even having quarterly posts to keep track of it. Yeah… I’ve bought way more than I’ve been able to paint. Way. More. This is something I need to improve this year.

Before looking into the whole year’s numbers, let’s have a quick look at the last quarter: I finished painting 10 Bolt Action miniatures and one Trollblood (as seen on twitter, post coming soon™!). That was quick.

So how was it overall?
I’ve painted 121 miniatures (an average of 2-3 minis a week), 38 of which where miniatures I had started painting but didn’t finish during the previous year. And I’ve easily bought six times that amount.

As it’s the first year I’ve done this, I don’t have any data from the previous year to compare it to yet. These numbers are very sad, but if I started keeping track of it last year was to be aware of how much (or how few in this case) I paint of what I buy. And well, with such bad numbers it shouldn’t be too difficult to improve them during 2017, right?

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