New Year Resolutions 2017: The blog

After talking about my Hobby related New Year Resolutions. It’s time to do the same for the blog, and we’ll also look back at how Tactical Suicide did in 2016.

My resolution for this year was to average 4 posts per month, with no month having less than 2 posts.

I started January strong, with 9 posts. And then kept posting 2 or 3 times a month until August, where I had a single post. It seemed like I would fix it, with 4 post in September. But the last quarter was really busy for me and I couldn’t manage to post more than once a month. And even worse, skipping December altogether.

So clearly I was unable to post at least twice a month. I had 32 posts in 2016, 10 less than in 2015. With that, my average went down to 2,5 posts a month.

This year I’ll keep the same resolution, until I’m able to do it. So, once again, I wan to average 4 posts per month, with no month having less than 2 posts.

My next resolution was to diversify the content of the blog, making some Tutorials. I wrote a single tutorial, which was more of a product review, about how to strip paint from miniatures. Needles to say, this year I want to make more tutorials for the blog.

The last resolution was about improving my photography. Which I still want to. And as part of it, I wanted to have varied sets of scenery to frame the miniatures. In that regard, it was a total failure. It’s something I’d still want to do, but I’m not really sure I’ll be able to. So that’ll be more of a bonus instead of a proposition.

New Year Resolutions 2017: The Hobby
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