WWII Germans (II)

With these 2 units of Heer Grenadiers and the Platoon Commander I’m really close to having a fully painted 1000pts Bolt Action army.

Most of the miniatures were almost finished. In fact, 3 of the Heer were fully painted as seen on the previous update, but I’m including them here to show the complete units.

I just needed to work a little on some of the models until all of them were in a similar state of completion, and after that work in all of them at once. After that, I painted the Platoon Commander in a couple of days or so.

And then I finished the bases as I usually do, but adding some fresh mud effects. I also applied it over the grass and tuffs, and it really helps to bring it all together. I’ll have to go back and apply to the rest of the finished models.

With what I have painted I was able to field a 650 point army in my first league match. It was my first Bolt Action game in a long time, and also my first time playing Second Edition. And I must say that I really enjoyed it. It was a close match that ended in a draw, and I’m already thinking on tweaking the army composition. Six-man squads are too weak, specially if they’re your only infantry.

It’s been a couple of rough months, but I still plan on finishing both this World War II Germany and the Kings of War Undead army projects before year’s end (or very close to), as there’s not much left to paint. Wish me luck!


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