Hobby Resolutions: Third Quarter 2016 (and 100 posts!)

It’s time to review how the third quarter of 2016 has gone. Also, this makes the 100th post on Tactical Suicide!

Things have been quite busy lately, I would have loved to celebrate the 100th post with a new set of downloadable tokens likes or such (as the Age of Sigmar Tokens seem to be very popular), but alas, it was not meant to be.

Anyway, I’m happy to say that this 3 months I’ve maintained the trend and I’ve played quite a few games. So much that after summer I’ve had to turn down the chance to join some leagues, like Kings of War, as I’m already playing in too many of them. So I have to be more picky about which leagues I join, or I won’t have any time left for casual games. Too many games, what a good problem to have!

August was a specially good month, as like every year some friends came to visit and we were able to play a lot of Zombicide Black Plague. And I’m fairly sure we make the worst Zombicide team ever.

Also, the last weekend of August I went to Vigo to play at the Interplanetary. It was my first big tournament, and it was a really fun experience.

But too much playing leaves me with less time to paint, so sadly this quarter I’ve only painted 13 miniatures. Worst quarter of the year! I’m not even mentioning the buy/paint ratio because it’s so, so sad. 3 Kickstarters, the Red Veil starter from Infinity with Yu Jing,… and the Dropfleet Commander and Warpath Kickstarters got pushed to Q4, so yeah… I’ll clearly end in the red.

Even if I’ve painted so few minis, some of them are my best work to date. I’m really happy with how the Guild part from the Malifaux Starter Set turned out.

My new plan is to work in a couple of projects at a time, and not one of them too big to handle. I’ll work on a project with a set deadline, so that progress is constantly being made and also keep painting other miniatures to a higher standard, like I want to do with Malifaux or Batman.

Speaking about projects, I have too many of them open at once. And I’m fully aware that I say this as I just opened the a new project for Onyx, and I’ll open at least one more before year’s end. But I still haven’t given up on finishing my Bolt Action Germans and Kings of War Undead this year. Even though at least the first half of October won’t leave me much time to paint…

So not a very positive quarter review, but I think I’m slowly finding a balance. It’s not going to be easy, but I’d love to end the year with enough stuff painted to be able to start playing only with painted models on 2017.

Onyx Contact Force (I)
WWII Germans (II)

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