Stormcast Eternals Army (II)

The second unit of my Stormcast Eternal army is done! A 5 man strong unit of Liberators.

With the free Sigmarine that came with the White Dwarf, way back in July 2015 or so, I only needed to paint 4 Liberators to finish the unit.

I think I did a good job replicating the test model paintjob. You can easily spot it on the pictures, it’s the one with a skull on its base.

It’s a fairly easy paintjob, and the only reason I didn’t get to finish them sooner is I wanted to finish first the Lord-Celestant on Dracoth, which is still unfinished on my painting table. Mounted miniatures are truly my bane!

I’m now working on a couple of other projects (one of them inspired by the Tale of Four Warlords from the new White Dwarf), but next time I paint the Stormcast I’ll try to finish the Dracoth. It was the miniature that sold me on AoS after all.

Going back to the Liberators, as with my KoW Undead Army, I couldn’t remember which colors I used for the bases. But I was able to replicate them. And to avoid the same thing from happening next time I have to paint some AoS models, I took a picture of the colors used.

Over a base of Vallejo Model Color German Grey I drybushed Army Painter Oak Brown and then P3 Battledress Green and Hammerfall Khaki.

Once the models were finished I added some blood, and did the same with the Retributors. And to be fair, I regret it a little. The effect is not overpowering, but I should have done it just in a couple of models instead of the whole unit. Oh well, when I eventually get to add another unit of hammer and shield Liberators, I’ll mix them and problem solved.

Enter the Deadzone (II)
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