Onyx Contact Force (I)

I wasn’t planning on starting another faction for Infinity, but I did.

After more than a year of Infinity being my main game, playing in 4 leagues and multiple tournaments I was burnt out. I needed a break.

Problem is I had signed up for the Interplanetary, the biggest Infinity tournament which closes the ITS season. I wasn’t going to bail out, but I didn’t have any motivation left either.

Talking with a friend he offered to let me take his Onyx force to the event. I liked that. The Combined Army has a cool aesthetic, and the Onyx are an elite force that plays with few miniatures, which I like*.

Anyway, I really like the CA remote redesign and I wanted to try a remote heavy list. So I bought a set of them to complement what my friend had.

And while you would think that an Onyx Strike Team would feature lots of black on its painting scheme (as the official one does) I didn’t want to paint black, as my JSA already feature a lot of black and I wanted a change.

Combined Army Onyx Remotes
I imagine the decision to paint the studio models black and red was because it’s a combination that we identify with evil and/or badass things. And that made me think, what if those colors have the opposite meaning for the EI and the Combined Army? What if it’s yellow the color that symbolizes death to them?

I was really enjoying the idea of brightly colored warriors as the avatars of destruction. And I really wanted to paint yellow.

The paint scheme is quite simple, with the aforementioned yellow as the main color, red for the more organic parts and some metal accents. As I did with the Enforcers, I went with white for the weapons.

Combined Army Onyx Remotes
I really enjoyed painting this models, which helped reignite the passion for Infinity. And I had great fun at the Interplanetary. That Sunday after the tournament we visited Corvus Belli, where they made a special discount for anything we purchased.

And that’s how I started an Onyx Strike Team.

*By the way, I really like the sound of Limited Insertion in Season 8, which limits your list to a single group (ie. no more than 10 minis). So much that I’m thinking about only playing in tournaments that use the rule.

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