Enter the Deadzone (II)

Between other projects I had time to finish a couple more Enforcers for Deadzone, a specialist and the Enforcer Captain.

With this two miniatures I’ve finished my 100 points Enforcer strike team to demo the game. In fact, from the first four regular enforcers I painted only three are needed.

The specialist was like a regular Enforcer, only with a bigger gun.

The Enforcer Captain came with two head options. One with the helmet closed, the other showing it’s face. I decided to go with the open helmet option, because everybody knows that badass leaders don’t protect their head. I did a small modification, though.

For whatever reason, the Enforcer Captain reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger so I had to have him smoking a cigar. I just drilled a small hole and used a paper clip bit. It’s a crude conversion, but it works.

The Captain miniature’s cape has an ugly mold line that would require too much work to clean, which I wanted to avoid because I don’t like cleaning restic. So instead of trying to hide it I decided to use it to my advantage, painting the cape in two different colors.

I went for a black/yellow combo, because they work great together and the yellow compliments the green nicely.

So, now that I have 100 points of Enforcers ready, it’s either the Plague or some scenery next!


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