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Broody Batman Day!

This year we celebrate Batman Day with the man himself, Batman!

Sadly, this time it isn’t with a finished model, but a work in progress. Even if it does look finished. Like last year, I wanted to post a Batman Miniature Game mini on Batman Day. Somehow, they decided to change which day Batman Day would fall in, so that right there left me with a week less.

I started the week painting Batman, but had to leave it as another urgent project came in. And unlike Batman, these miniatures were needed to play a game.

But not wanting to miss the day, I took a cue from the old dioramas from the White Dwarf! I did have almost finished Batman’s cape. So if I took a picture of Batman facing the Joker, with Batman facing backwards to the camera, I just needed to neat up the base a little. What a clever solution!

Anyway, once the current project is finished Batman has top priority on my painting queue so he should make another appearance on the blog around next month.

And after that? There’s Robin. But will I paint him in the near future, or will we have to wait until next year’s Batman Day? Not even the Riddler knows the answer to that.


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