ETLV – Dark Angels Dreadnought

The Dreadnought is done! My first vow for this ETL is finished.

And it might well be my last. I might pledge again in August, but I doubt I’ll have enough time. And that being the case, I wouldn’t want to negatively impact the Dark Angel’s completion rate.

Anyway, I had great fun painting the Dreadnought. I had it built, magnetized and primed for a long time as I was planning on pledging it during my first ETL three years ago (and again last year).

As with my Ravenwing bikes, I applied a rough casting effect paint to the Dreadnought’s armor. And this time it’s more noticeable.

The initial painting process was quite simple and enjoyable. In fact, the reason it took me so long to finish is because other projects took precedence.

I started by airbrushing all in metallics. Then I masked all the parts that should remain that way and used some chipping mediums, before airbrushing it green and red.

I gave it a greater contrast than I usually do, and the end result is more appealing.

As the new GW Gem paints came out while I was painting the Dreadnought, I got a couple of them to test them out. They look fine, but I applied them before varnishing the whole model, which dulled the effect. I had to touch it with a little bit of gloss varnish to fix it. Next time I know they should be left for the end like the blood effects.

And there is light at the end of the tunnel, it seems. There’s talks of starting a 40k campaign in September at the club, which I might join with the Dark Angels. The idea is to start at 500 points and grow based on campaign results. So who knows, if I’m having fun I might even paint some more Dark Angels!

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