Sector Imperialis 32mm Bases

A very short post today. This Saturday I picked a box of the new 32mm Sector Imperialis bases, and a couple of the new gem effect paints and the 4 heroes add-on for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower… but today’s post is about the plastic bases.


You get 4 copies of the sprue above, which gives you a total of 60 bases. Not a bad deal. I’ve bought them for the steel plating look to rebase my Dark Angels with 32mm bases mostly.

In each sprue you’ll get a couple of bases that only have some dirt rough texture and a skull (so 8 total), which are the weakest ones of the set. Use them on models that obscure most of the base, as you could create better looking bases in a couple of minutes.

And lastly, I noticed that the box says “Manufactured in China and distributed by Games Workshop”. Is this a first or have they previously outsourced their plastics?

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  1. I wasn’t impressed by these. Shiny, odd plastic much like the Plasma Obliterator. Poor casting and rather blunt detail and much taller than a normal base. And, as you say, there are a few which just don’t match the rest.

    I guess they are an improvement over the plain 32mm bases at roughly the same price that they were selling before. Some of the packs are oddly mixed (25mm pack has far too many 40mm bases) so I’m glad Champ Industries makes very similar looking 25mm plastic ‘tech’ bases.

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