Get behind cover! Scatter Terrain

These are some quick paintjobs I did for a couple of scatter terrain pieces for the club. The best part is, you can get these MDF designs online for free!


One of the members of my club has a laser cutter which we’ve used to make some custom acrylic counters as prizes for leagues, tourneys and such. And we decided to give it a try with MDF. I searched online and found this collection of templates from Heriberto Valle.

I downloaded a couple of them (all of them actually, but only used a couple) and re-arranged them to fit in a single MDF sheet for the machine (with some extra space for a personal project test).

They make some great scatter terrain and were easy to build and paint. If you have access to a laser cutter I recommend you look into some of the designs. Now id I could find some buildings…


The paintjob was quite simple, airbrushing some shades of gray with a couple of colour accents.

The “40” symbol is from one of the HS Stencils from Anarchy Models. Really easy to use and a great way to add details that would take too much time or just be impossible to add by hand.

To finish it off, I loaded some paint (or blood effects) on a brush and used the airbrush to splatter it on the models. And then airbrushed a little Army Painter Soft Tone Ink to create slight colour modulation.

Sector Imperialis 32mm Bases
Hobby Resolutions: Second Quarter 2016

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