Undead Army Project (V)

The mighty Undead horde grows! A couple more Wraith units join the battle lines seeking unholy vengeance.

The Kings of War league continues, and after the first couple of matches the army size increases to 1250 points. At first I wanted to include some Zombie Trolls, Undead Archers and some other units. But seeing as my Soul Reaver cavalry was taking me more time than expected (as all mounted miniatures do), I decided to go the more elite route to fill the points with as few models as possible.


2 Wraith troops make 280 points, reducing the magic items would allow me to fit them. I could make the jump with less than 20 miniatures that are fast to paint. Perfect.

Once again, it took me longer to blend the miniatures to the base than to paint them. I didn’t remember exactly how I painted the first unit, so there’s some minor variations in the greenish tone, but nothing to worry about.

Besides how cool the units look, another advantage of multibasing is that you don’t need to put the exact amount of miniatures the unit is made of. So with the 2 troops I had, I was able to create 3 troops. Free unit, yay!


I’ve already played a 1250 pts. game, and the 3 units performed really well. They didn’t kill much, but they were able to tie up key enemy units and also contest objectives. I don’t know if any other unit could have done the same, as the flying and nimble rules were crucial. That being said, 3 troops of Wraiths can be a gamble. You’re putting a lot of your points in low/medium nerve units.

We’ll end the league playing at 1500 points. To have that many points fully painted I just need to paint 3 characters and finish the Soul Reavers. I’m getting close!

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