Enter the Deadzone (I)

Almost two years ago I bought Deadzone, and while the game was interesting I wasn’t very happy with the restic miniatures. So they’ve been half-painted sitting on my shelve since then. Until now.

But I did enjoy the Sci-Fi universe Mantic has created enough to buy the Nexus-Psi and Contagion supplements and back the Infestation Kickstarter.

With the Kickstarter delivery around the corner (as I’m writing this it’s already in my hands) and wanting to take a break from some projects that were taking longer than desired, I decided to paint the Enforcers from the Starter Set.


While I’ve painted them green, my initial idea was to paint them white. As I’ve said, I wasn’t very happy with some of the Enforcers and with the newer hard plastic ones on its way I figured I could do some experimentation with these, and if they didn’t turn out nice enough they could always be relegated to filler models for the Warpath units.

For the first test model I used a pale gray wash from Vallejo. But I wasn’t very happy with it. It didn’t give enough contrast on the recesses, but dirtied the overall look of the white. I decided to try an oil wash instead.

I had the Mig Blue wash for Panzer Grey enamel, which following the tradition of WWII German colours, it’s not the colour it says it is. Instead of blue is more of a green. Which was a little weird to shade white, but I figured I’d give it a try.

Even before cleaning the wash, I was really digging the green. It reminded me of Master Chief from Halo. And the green certainly looks like a proper military colour.

For a while I was going to stick with my original plan and have them white. But something was telling me that I would regret it, and in the end I went with the greens. I airbrushed some Scale 75 greens and this time I used a brown oil wash.


For a long time now I’ve wanted to paint some sci-fi models with white guns. It wasn’t really an option with white armor, but now that the armor was green I was going for it.

Another new thing I tried this time was making a wash with pigments and binder (I’ve also tried it with water and it works just fine) to slightly weather the feet. I ended up applying more than I wanted, but was able to tone it down with some green washes.

A really simple paintjob that makes the Enforcers look quite menacing. Really glad I went with green armor and the white rifles look ace!

Now that I have the new rulebook my plan is to finish painting the Deadzone scenery and a couple of 100 points Enforcer and Plague Strike Teams to demo the game (sometime!).

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