Hobby Resolutions: First Quarter 2016

As we close the first quarter of 2016, it’s time to review how my hobby resolutions for the year are going.

My main resolution was to play more games. And so I’ve done. This year I’ve started playing Kings of War, and it seems like soon I’ll start with Malifaux. I’ve also played Dungeon Saga and a few new boardgames.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to play much Bolt Action. But I’m on fire with Infinity! Thanks to the Flamestrike campaign I had a couple of very active weeks. And if it wasn’t because we’re busy forming a new gaming club (long story) I would have played even more.

Regarding the buy/paint ratio… yeah. Ninja All-Stars arrived. That’s 200 miniatures on its own. No surprise there, I knew this year I would end up in the red. In fact, the only way I might have a positive quarter is due to the Kickstarter delays I don’t get any in a quarter (Spoiler Alert: As I write this, I’m about to get my first AvP package at last, so the second quarter is most likely negative too).

This quarter I’ve bought a total of 373 miniatures and painted 76. Oh, man. Even omitting the 200 from NAS, that’s almost 100 more bought minis than painted. I was happy because 76 seems like a lot of painted minis, but compared to the purchases it doesn’t look impresive at all.

At least, I’m happy with everything I’ve painted and I believe I’ve painted more miniatures than I usually do. So let’s see next quarter if I’m improving my painting speed.

From the 76 models I’ve painted, 50 were new projects while 26 I had started painting previously. That’s more than 30% of half painted models finished. Not bad, but the pile is still too big.

As for the Hobby Projects, I did start a couple of them: the WWII Germans and the Yu Jing Japanese Slums board; and I haven’t finished any but I did work quite a lot on the KoW Undead Army Project.

Lastly, I did say that I wanted to take part on the ETL. But seeing how things are going and the huge ammount of minis I have to paint only for the games I do play, I think it’s highly unlikely I’ll take part.

Now it’s time to get back into painting!

Yu Jing Japanese Slums board (I)
Malifaux Starter Set (I)

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