Undead Army Project (III)

Mantic has some good looking models that are hurt by weird paintjobs, and the werewolves are some of the worst offenders. But if you can see past those flesh coloured hulks with wolf heads, you’ll find models with a cool aesthetic.

I’ve finished painting mine. And now these vicious, bloodthirsty (and nimble) creatures join the ranks of my fledging Undead Army.

Besides the official paintjob, another problem I have with the Werewolves is they’re restic. But in this case, as they’re bigger models, cleaning was easier. Once built, there was some gap filling to do around the arms, and I took the chance to add some more fur to their backs.


I haven’t had much experience sculpting. But after using green stuff with basing stamps and the like I had a better idea of how it behaves, and I decided to have a try at sculpting fur, which shouldn’t be too difficult. I first did it for a Frostgrave soldier, and as the result was nice enough that gave me the confidence to try it with the Werewolves.

I built a simple base with some Milliput rocks and a mix of Vallejo textures and I was ready to paint them.

At first I thought about painting them in different shades, maybe having the alpha wolf white. But the more I thought about it, the less convinced I was. In the end I went with black, to make them look even more menacing.


Starting with black primer, I then mixed dark blue and black to highlight it. In the end it turned out being too blue instead of black, and while it wasn’t my initial plan I didn’t dislike the end result. In another situation I might have chosen to redo it, but as I had many more miniatures to paint with a tight deadline I kept it like that.

To add some light to the models I painted the snout, hands and feet flesh coloured. Even if it was some extra work it was well worth the effort.

Before starting working on the blue/black highlights I carefully airbrushed the flesh paint, masking the rest of the areas and the smoothing the blending by brush.


Once I reached this stage, I glued the werewolves to the painted base and varnished it all by airbrush and then I brushed some gloss varnish on the black nails.

The last touch were adding some grass to the base and a little gore. I usually use Tamiya Clear Read, but this time I tried the GW Bloody Blood for the Blood God of Blood, and it worked really nice. A (planned) plus side of the blood effects is that it helps disguise any mold line that I left on the hands.

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