WWII Germans (I)

After last years failed attempt at painting a 1000pts. of Bolt Action Germans, I’m back at it using (most of) what I worked on last year.

I’ve started working on a really small amount of miniatures to begin with. Up until now I was using regular riflemen to represent the SMG loaders, so I’ve painted a couple of Heer to properly represent them.

And I also painted a Forward Observer. I already had one, but this one looks way cooler, so the other one is relegated to mortar spotter. Speaking about the mortar, it was one of my almost finished miniatures, so while working on these ones I also finished it. Yay!


I used some Renedra plastic sandbags on the Forward Observer’s base. I know it’s silly, but I’m quite proud of finally having some sandbags for my WWII miniatures. I’m not that proud of the mold line I missed, so please ignore it.


With that finished, I started building my planned list. I wanted to paint as little as possible, to increase my chances of finishing. That meant I would include as many vehicles as possible and all the minis I already had painted, plus most of the half painted ones too.

Even if I had about half of my horsemen done, and they’re a unit I enjoy playing with (and also expensive), they were out of the question. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t enjoy painting rider/mount miniatures, and these were the main reason for my German burnout last year. Plus they also come with the troops on foot… too much work!


The planned 1000pts. of Germans

In the end I went with two small squads of Heer Grenadiers with LMG, a Panzerfaust and SMG for the NCO as my base, one of them on a Hanomag. Platoon Commander, Medic Team and Forward Observer for HQs, none of them with extra soldiers. A Sniper and Mortar team and Medium Artillery as support. And lastly, the stars of the show, a Puma and a Panzer.

It’s a small, non optimal force. But one I’ll enjoy painting and one I shouldn’t have much trouble doing so.

Ninja All-Stars Unboxing (I)
Ninja All-Star Unboxing (II)

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