New Year Resolutions 2016: The blog

The previous post talked about my Hobby related New Year Resolutions. In this one we’ll do the same for the blog, and we’ll also look back at how Tactical Suicide did in 2015.

Last year I had a couple of blog related resolutions. The first one was to have at least 1 or 2 posts every month, as I wanted to increase the content of the blog. How did that go?

Well, on 2015 I published 42 posts. That’s almost an average of 4 posts per month, not bad! And I had at least 2 posts every month, excluding March and November with only one each. I thought December would be a slow month for the blog, but in the end I published 4 entries and it ended up being the month with most views surpassing September, which ended in second place.

This year I’d like to keep that trend. Let’s see if I can average 4 posts per month, and no month has less than 2 posts.

Looking at the content I published last year Age of Sigmar seems to be quite popular, as the Age of Sigmar Tokens post was the most viewed one by far.

My first look at the Beyond the Gates of Antares Starter box, managed to be the fifth most read post. A surprising feat, considering it was published only a month and a half before the end of the year.

Right now, the blog is comprised mostly of two kinds of posts. There are reviews/first looks and then there’s a lot of finished miniatures. I only have a small tutorial, about how to make your own tokens, to help the people use my Age of Sigmar tokens. I’d like to add more tutorials or tips related to the hobby to the content.

Lastly, I want to reorganize the Army Projects. As it is, most of the posts have the Army Project tag and also their specific project tag. What I’m thinking of doing is only tagging the first post as Army Project, so it becomes a kind of catalogue of all the projects. And if someone is interested in a particular project, they’ll just need to click on the appropriate project tag to see all of the related posts.

My second resolution was to improve my photos. And while I’m not 100% happy, I believe I did so (except for the last couple of months or so when I had to use my old phone for it). Photographing miniatures is an art, so it’s a given I want to keep improving.

One thing I really like about my photos of the finished miniatures is how I put them in a more or less matching background. But besides my sci-fi interior for the Dark Angels, everything else is improvised. In fact, all my fantasy (be it 10 or 28mm) and Bolt Action share the same set. I plan on improving that, making a variety of sets.

And that’s it! Now I have a couple of posts talking about my New Year Resolutions on the front page. I’d rather have visitors seeing hobby related content, so time to start painting those miniatures!

New Year Resolutions 2016: The Hobby
Playing Zombiecide: Black Plague

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