Kings of War: Forces of the Abyss

My Forces of the Abyss Mega Starter Army from the Kings of War Kickstarter is here! What a nice unexpected surprise to close the year. Let’s have a look at these new miniatures from Mantic!


This first sprue allows you to build Lower Abbysals or Flamebearers

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And a look at the back side


The Sucubbi sprue


And a look at the back side

These two sprues form the backbone of the Forces of the Abyss army, one of them being a dual kit. They’re some of the nicest plastic kits I’ve seen from Mantic. And I like that they no longer have integrated bases. Now it’ll be easier to have them on unit bases.

You’ll find the usual extra bits on the sprues to build a standard bearer and a musician, and in the case of the Lower Abbysals there’s even a two-handed axe. But only one. The unit entry gives you the option to switch the shields for two-handed weapons, so if you have many sprues (the Mega Starter Army includes 16) you could build a unit with that weapon option. I hope Mantic releases an upgrade kit or something to allow the 2 weapon build in a more cost-effective way than buy lots of sprues, though.

Both sprues also have a few small Imps on them that you can use to either decorate your unit bases, or bundle them together, as the Imps have their own entry on the army list.


The Molochs are made of metal. You get 6 unique heads, but out of the 3 bodies 2 are the same

This is a heavy kit. I like the six head options, two of them have some specially sad/pathetic expressions that I love. I was wondering why the strange combination of arms (four left options, but only two for the right), but seeing the promo pictures I believe that instead of the duplicate left arm with a sword I got, the kit comes with a right arm with a sword.

Not shown here are the Abyssal Champion and the Abyssal Ifrit, because they were missing from my package. The Mega Starter army also comes with a bag of Gargoyles, but I’m not showing them because it’s an old kit and restic. So my interest for it is pretty low, I’m not looking forward to cleaning those.


The Abyssal Fiend is a big resin kit.

Besides the army bundle, I also got the Abyssal Fiend. Renamed to Archfiend of the Abyss on the army list. It’s a really nice kit, and you get the option to build it with or without wings, to reflect the entry options. Even if it’s a slightly expensive upgrade, I’m going to build mine with wing because rule of cool. You can see mine has the wings piece slightly damaged, but I believe it’ll be an easy fix.

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