Ghar and Concord Test Models

I’ve finished my first test models, one Ghar and one Concord, for Beyond the Gates of Antares. Well, actually, one and a half for the Concord as I wasn’t happy with my first choice of colours.


From the two factions that come with The Xilos Horizon Starter Set, the Ghar are the ones I liked the most and what I’ll be playing most likely. While I liked the white studio paintjob, I wanted to go with something darker, something more evil, to contrast the light scheme I had in mid for the Concord.

I went with a very dark green that has some slight bluish tints. Using Despair Green and Innsmooth Blue from Scale75. And added some red details to mark the model as the unit leader. Some chipping with a sponge and a blue OSL effect completed the paintjob.

For the base I went for a desert/scrapyard style for both armies, following the style of my Secret Weapon TableScapes Scrapyard tiles. In fact, the wreckage from the Ghar base is copied from one of the tiles, filling the rest of the base with Vallejo Texture.


On the left you can see my failed first color scheme for the Concord troops. As my little homage for the box art, I wanted to try to replicate that color scheme. I went for an off-white, with some purplish tones and a turquoise for the top part of the armour. But I didn’t finish it because I was having doubts about the look. Ultimately, I wasn’t feeling it and I thought it would be too much work for something I wasn’t happy with.

So I picked up another model to try my second option. A metallic paint scheme inspired by Samus from Metroid. Also, I’ve been thinking about my Yu Jing color scheme for Infinity, and wanted to see how the metallic red and orange combo would look.

Even if it looks more yellow than orange to me, I’m happy with the result. It’ll take me less to paint them than with my original colour scheme and once finished I believe I’ll have a badass looking army! So much, that I’ve even been thinking about switching from Ghar to Concord.

Except for the drones, I’ve built all of the Concord troops. Without heads, as I’ll paint those separately.


I’ve also built the rest of the Ghar. For the first one, I built it and then tried to find a base that worked for it. For the rest of them, I had the bases already built and I posed the legs in ways that adapted to the shape of the terrain. Resulting in some dynamic poses, at least for those hulking killing machines.

The Ghar battlesuit kits come with 3 head options. I’ve decided to always use the same head option for the unit leader, so it’s easier to identify them. And instead of regular wreckage for the Assault Squad leader, I’ve made him walking over a fallen Ghar battlesuit for extra coolness.

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Strike Vector One – The Xilos Horizon
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