Painted JSA Army (and III)

With these three Karakuri Special Project models painted, I’m now able to field a fully painted 300pts JSA strike team for Infinity. In fact, I have exactly 360pts painted.

But if I drop the Oniwaban and proxy some models (downgrading to a cheaper weapon profile) I have my 300pts. strike team.

It’s not a really good list, as except for the 2 Raiden everything else is HI, so really vulnerable to hackers. And it’s an 11 model list, not a very good number.


As for the Karakuris, I’ve followed my usual scheme. Lots of silver and red metallic accents. Finished with some weathering powders around the legs and base.

I’m specially fond of these as they remind me of Ultraman a lot.

At first I wasn’t going to paint the Karakuri as part of my initial 300pts. I was painting the Keisotsu because it made sense. They’re cheaper, so they’re more likely to make it to more of my lists. But I wasn’t feeling them, so instead of painting them halfheartedly so I could move on to the Karakuri, I decided to leave them for the time being and paint those instead.

And funilly enough, that has left me with a strike force where not a single bit of flesh is visible.

Anyway, I’m not done yet as I need to also paint the HVT (even if that’s not a JSA model exactly). But I’m calling this Army Project finished. Congratulations to me!

Of course I’ll keep painting JSA models (I still have a ton of them waiting some love). Let’s see if I can finish at least some of the Keisotsu before the new Domaru are released. Because once those are out, they’re gonna jump to the top of my painting queue. And I doubt I need any more HI.

And once again, sorry for the poor photos. It’s the best I can do right now.

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