Ravenwing Knights

My Ravenwing Knights are done! And it only took me 3 months to paint 3 black marines on black bikes. Awesome!

The Ravenwing Knights were my first and only contribution to this years ETL IV over at the Bolter and Chainsword (which Chaos won– traitors!). Dark Angels ended sixth, with only the Space Wolves below.

Don’t know why, but I have a hard time painting bikers, cavalry and the like. Even if I like the models, painting them feels tedious. If it wasn’t for the ETL they’d most likely be lying around half-finished for a long time.

Being that the case, it may look like I went for a lazy paint scheme. But that wasn’t the reason. They’re the Ravenwing. So to me it made sense that all the wing/feather motifs on the model be black as a raven instead of white.

Once I finished painting I added some chipping and weathering to dirty up a little the models.

As with the rest of my Dark Angels, I base them on Secret Weapon resin bases with an alien infection theme. After varnishing the whole miniature, I used some gloss varnish on those alien areas to give them a wet look and completed the effect with a little bit of UHU glue. And in the case of the Sergeant, I also used some Vallejo Still Water mixed with a drop of Secret Weapon green wash.

Basius 2
Painted JSA Army (II)

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