Painted JSA Army (II)

I’ve finished painting a few more Infinity miniatures. Bringing my JSA Strike Team to 251 points. This time I painted my remaining Haramaki Zensenbutai, a couple of Raiden and finished the Domaru Butai.

The Haramaki with Missile Launcher has been the MVP many times, he had more than earned a paint job. It was as easy as following the paint scheme of the previous Haramaki.

I’ve made pretty clear that once I have 300 points of painted miniatures, I’ll only switch troops for other painted minis. Never again fielding an unpainted mini.

These five Haramaki are more powerful than the Power Rangers

These five Haramaki are more powerful than the Power Rangers

As I field my Haramaki in almost all my matches this gives me a strong core of a 5 man link team. Once my opponents start to rely on me building my Strike Team around the Haramaki and build theirs to counter them I’ll start switching things around to surprise them. If I have enough painted troops, that’s it.

The Raiden, in my mind, are somewhere in-between the ninjas and the Haramaki. With limited camo and decent armor. I wanted to avoid using red for them, as in my colour scheme that’s a colour that denotes status. And in the JSA you earn it by getting close and personal. Something Raiden don’t do. Even so, I painted the visors from their helmets red to help them tie with the rest of the army.

One thing I did experiment with them was trying to paint black metal. Both the shoulder pads and the top of the helmet are painted that way. I’m happy with the results, but I need to keep experimenting with it.

As for the Domaru Butai, I already had it painted, I just weathered it and painted the base to match the rest of the miniatures. While it’s the Boarding Shotgun model, I’m using it as the Chain Rifle for the time being, as that’s the only loadout that can be your Lieutenant.


A family photo of all the minis painted so far. No, the Oniwaban isn’t missing. He’s using his TO Camo.

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