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The curse of the paint rack continues!

Last time we left our hero he had finished building Massive Voodoo’s Ultimate Paint Rack. Still needing more storage for paints, he placed an order with HobbyZone and waited.

And I kept waiting, and waiting. There were some troubles with the courier company, but in the end, some time later than expected I got my package. But the problems didn’t end there… Keep reading to find the surprising end to this tale, dear reader!


The contents of the order arrived nicely packed, wrapped in bubble wrap and each individual item on its own box (with more bubble wrap inside). I ordered a Large Paint Stand as the one I had, for the rest of my dropper bottles, and 3 Paint Hangers in case I needed to store more paints in the future. Two of the Hangers once again for dropper bottles, and another one for wider paint pots just in case, as I don’t usually buy Citadel paints (but I had some of their glazes, a wash or two and some technical paints).


The Large Paint Stand had no instructions, but it was easy to build and with no need of glue to boot. The only thing you need to be aware of is that there are two styles of shelves you need to alternate to better distribute the paints. As you can see on the picture below, I did it wrong at first. But it was easy to take out the shelves and place them properly.


As opposed to the Large Paint Stand, the Paint Hanger comes with instructions as it’s a little more complicated to build, but not by much. And if you look at the header image, you’ll notice that even with instructions I managed to mess up building one of them. Oh, well.

You think that’s the surprise ending? No! Maybe you’ve noticed by now. But if not, look closer once again the header image. I messed up the order and bought a Paint Stand for wide paints (aka Citadel style)!

After the initial frustration, I built the two Paint Hangers. That’s why one of them is wrong. I wasn’t paying much attention.

With them built, I’ve been able to find a place for all my dropper bottles (well, most. I’m keeping the Scale75 paint sets on their boxes) and still have some free space on them.

I was able to use the wide bottle Large Paint Stand for some Vallejo washes, Minitaire Candy Colors and so. That also allowed me to free some space from Massive Voodoo’s Ultimate Paint Rack, which I’ve moved to the side with some of the more auxiliary products. I’ve even place some Citadel paints my brother bought (and isn’t using) so it doesn’t look that empty.

Overall it has allowed me to finally organize my hobby space. I’ve had this setup for a couple of weeks or so and it hasn’t devolved into chaos, nor does it look like it will as it usually does.

So, if you’re looking to organize your paints and/or hobby space I wholeheartedly recommend HobbyZone. They have multiple solutions of different sizes, with compartments for tools and the like. They even give you the option to buy Paint Stands and mix the large and small paint shelves.

Painted JSA Army (II)
Ironside Orcs from Polar Fox Miniatures

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      To be fair, there’s a lot of paints I seldom use. And from the ones I use, there’s a small group I use most of the time and just mix them on the palette.

      That being said, now that I have them neatly organized, it’s easier for my to try some of those ignored colours.

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