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Broody Batman Day!

To celebrate that today is Batman Day, here’s my first painted Batman Miniature Game (BMG) model, Joker!

Since I was a kid Joker has been my favourite villain. You could say that I was more of a Joker fan than a Batman fan. I’ve had a few of the Batman miniatures for a couple of years, but never got around to painting them. Even if I had Batman, Robin and Joker cleaned, assembled and even primed for quite a long time.

While I was painting other minis I started working on Batman and Robin a little. On a whim I picked Joker from the shelf and started painting him. In a couple of days I was done.

Being one of my favourite characters I was afraid to ruin the mini, specially because even if purple is also one of my favourite colours, I haven’t had very good results painting it in the past. But I think it looks right on the Joker.

While painting I wanted to stay true to the classic Joker look, adding a couple of touches from the Heath Ledger version without taking away from its iconic look. I added the black, wide eye shadow which makes Joker look even more sinister and then, as if I were doing battle-damage, I sponged a little flesh paint around the forehead to simulate an imperfect coverage of the white makeup.


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