Stormcast Eternals Army (I)

After painting the Liberator from the White Dwarf (he’ll always be a Sigmarine to me), I decided to jump into the Age of Sigmar Starter Set. And I decided to start with the Stormcast Eternals, the faction I liked most (that battlecat!)

I’ve been busy with other projects, but I had enough time to finish painting the Retributors. As the Liberator, they’re quite easy to paint and I was able to finish them to a reasonable standard in no time.

While painting the armor I was afraid it was going to look too bright, as I wasn’t sure if I remembered all the steps I took while painting the Liberator. I should trust more in myself, I duplicated the armor perfectly.

The glow of the eyes is quite sloppy, as their helmet design made it more complicated to reach the eye area. The Liberator wins on that one. On the other side, the battle damage and weathering was too subtle on the Liberator, I like it a lot more on the Retributors.

That’s the first unit finished. Will I be able to finish painting them during August? I’d like to play some Age of Sigmar games on September, and with this one I’m enforcing the no unpainted miniatures allowed rule.

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