Make your own gaming tokens

Making your own gaming tokens is really easy. Here’s how I do them.

I learned it from Ash from Guerrilla Miniature Games (here’s the YouTube video). I believe he mentions on the video where he learned from. Maybe someone from the Infinity forums?


You’ll need a 1 inch hole puncher and 1 inch round clear epoxy stickers. Both available through amazon or ebay, for example.


Then it’s as easy as printing your tokens on some thick paper, punching them and sticking the epoxy stickers. Done!

Corvus Belli has some PDFs with them on their downloads page.

The ones you see here were created with this tool here that allows you to customize the markers you’ll need and generate a PDF with it.

What I did with it was add more black around (way more than needed) to avoid getting white borders when punching them.

Infinity Encounter ITS
Age of Sigmar Tokens

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