Painted Sigmarine

I’ve painted the Stormcast Eternal (aka Sigmarine) that came with the White Dwarf #75. And not to be outdone by GW, I’ve added a skull to the base!

I wasn’t sold on the Gold & Blue paint scheme, so I decided to change it and make it a little darker. I’ve gone with an Old Gold/Bronze look and switched the blue for Red. I like it a lot better with these colours.

I’ve spent the weekend at a friend’s house having a barbeque, so I couldn’t start working on the model until Monday. I was able to finish it in just three painting sessions (and on weekdays which is when I have less free time), including the building time. Quite fast for me!

Talking about building the model, I was surprised it isn’t a push-fit model. Is this a first for a GW starter box?

JSA, the Way of the Sword
Painted JSA Army (I)

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      Thanks! I picked the Starter Set on Saturday. The models look amazing, let’s see if I can replicate the effect as I didn’t take notes of the steps :/

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