Painted JSA Army (I)

The deadly Oniwaban and four unstoppable Haramaki Zensenbutai are ready for battle!

And it was about time. I’ve had these miniatures almost finished, but not since forever.

The Haramakis were missing their shoulder mounted weapons. Can’t remember if I forgot to put them or I just ignored them as they looked too flimsy. After how well they’ve performed on the battles I’ve used them, they deserved to be properly built and finish their paintjobs.

Took the chance to work a little more on the black areas and also the Oniwaban (which is all black areas).


The main colours for the Haramakis is white with red accents, inspired by the Japanese flag, but in metallic colours.

For the Oniwaban (a super badass ninja) I went with an all black scheme, like the traditional ninja.

I like the official paintjob, with those neon-y green accents but I couldn’t bring myself to paint it like that.

I know they use thermo-optic camo and all shorts of sci-fi stuff. But why take the risk with flashy outfits? What if the tech fails? What if the enemy has counter measures? In that case, a black outfit will help you blend with the shadows.

For the bases I went with an urban style drybrushed gray.

As a finishing touch, I hit the lower half of the legs and the bases with some weathering powders. To add a little bit of interest to the quite basic bases, there are a few spots of brick-red on them.

I was wondering if I should repaint and/or rebase my Yu Jing as I wasn’t 100% happy with them, but decided against it in the end. I think that the extra care with the black and the weathering have made the trick.

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