The Ultimate Paint Rack by Massive Voodoo

I recently received Massive Voodoo’s so-called Ultimate Paint Rack for a much-needed help with organizing all my paints. In fact, they’ve been in need of organization since I ordered the paint rack… a year(?), six months(?) ago.

The painting rack arrived a couple of weeks ago in a big package. I also ordered the wet palette and the bottom drawer for the paint rack. It came with some nice and clear building instructions, not only for the paint rack itself but also for the extra options you could add.

The overall quality is quite good, although some of the panels feel a little too flimsy. It might be by design, as you’ll need to bend some of the thinner pieces to fit them in place.

Once built, which won’t take you long, it has plenty of space to accommodate pots of multiple sizes. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t enough and I’m left with a ton of paints without somewhere to put them.

All kinds of bottles have a home on the Ultimate Paint Rack

All kinds of bottles have a home on the Ultimate Paint Rack

Another good thing is that it’s quite compact. My other paint storage solution is HobbyZone’s Large Paint Stand, which also has 5 rows, but takes almost double the depth on the table.

So, while I was a little unhappy I believe it had mostly to do with the fact that it took so long for it to arrive. I know it’s nothing new with crowdfunding, you have to take the delivery dates as estimates (at best). And while I don’t mind waiting for miniature games I’ve backed, with auxiliary products that you need, the wait hurts a little more.

More paints, waiting for their chance to be properly stored

More paints, waiting for their chance to be properlly stored

Anyway, even if it wasn’t enough to hold all of my paints, the Ultimate Paint Rack has the perfect size to be able to fit two of them on my table. So I went to Massive Voodoo’s website with the intention to order a second copy… and I couldn’t find any way to do it. That might change in the future, but right now they only have a link to the finished Indiegogo campaign.

So in the end I went and ordered another paint stand from HobbyZone, with the feeling that it was what I should have done those months ago in the first place. But, if you’re thinking about ordering the Ultimate Paint Rack, once (or if) it’s available to the general public by all means, do so. It’s nice and compact, for the amount of paints it can hold, and works well with all kinds of bottle designs (I even use it with the medium-sized Vallejo and Scale 75 primers).

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