Building a Tohaa Army

I took my gaming club’s Infinity League as a chance to build a cool looking Tohaa army. Or so I hope.

In a previous post, I ranted about how I didn’t like painting the firing arcs on the bases, but that was needed for my club’s league.


One solution I liked were Antenocitis Workshop’s Compass Bars. Which only work on straight edged bases, like the ones they sell. As I was also eyeing their resin bases I was fine with that. So I ordered a bunch of them.

One thing I wasn’t so fond of was the idea of rebasing the minis I already had painted (or half painted… in most of the cases). I liked the look of the Tohaa, plus I like using link teams with my JSA and the chance to field multiple teams at once, albeit 3 member teams only, seemed like a fast and fun way to play.

I’ve got a 300 pts army ready, even though some of them are missing their compass bars and might need a little gap filling. I’ll slowly work on that throughout the week.


As I did with the Nomad sniper, I’ve painted the Gao-Rael sniper without gluing the gun so I can paint the face better. I’ve done some OSL which I think turned out quite cool, but will be mostly covered by the rifle. Still not finished, but it was advanced enough that I could glue the rifle in place.

Tomorrow I have a friendly game to try them, let’s see how it goes!


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