Orcs! I hate Orcs!

I’ve been painting some more 10mm miniatures, this time some Orcs to fight against the Dwarves.

These were part of the same order from Copplestone Castings as the Dwarves. If I was going to play with 10mm dwarves, I’d need some other army to fight against. And what better than their hated Orcs?

The Orcs march to war

The Orcs march to war

This time, instead of painting just enough models to fill a base, I decided to paint the whole 30-orc unit at once to save some time. While it took me longer than expected, it was still quite fast! The assembly line painting style suits better an uniformed army like the dwarves. For the orcs I wanted to have multiple skin tones and various shades of clothing… Which won’t benefit from painting more miniatures at once!

Valiant dwarves are ready

The valiant dwarves are ready to take the charge

It was fun trying to add some rust effects on such a small scale, altough some of them look kind of crude. While I painted an Eye of Sauron on the banner, I decided against doing it on the shields. I did a quick search on google and found this spiky version of it. I like it because it works as the Eye of Sauron or a more generic spiky orc tribe design.

I’ve still have some more dwarves to paint. But before I go back to them, I’ve bought some more 10mm minis from Magister Militum, which arrived last week, and Pendraken.

The Orcs outnumber the stoic dwarves

The Orcs outnumber the stoic dwarves

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