Love at Short Sight

I’m in love. Is it only a new love? Or have I discovered my true love? I don’t know, but I can’t stop staring at my 10 mm dwarves with googly eyes.

I’ve always been a fan of 28mm or bigger miniatures, thinking that less would have too little detail to be able to paint it properly.

It might have been because I have a fantasy itch I can’t scratch waiting to see what GW does with WHFB. You know, with all the rumours about going skirmish and round bases. And it got me thinking about how smaller scales would be better for mass battles, it’s a shame the minis lack any detail! (How wrong I was)


I did have some Epic Space Marines back in the day, and I thought Warmaster was, as with their bigger cousins, the same kind of miniatures for fantasy. But those were 6 mm while Warmaster minis were 10 mm. And it’s amazing how much extra detail 4 mm give you!

So I was looking for alternative fantasy 10 mm miniatures (as I refuse to play the OOP eBay game) when I stumbled upon Copplestone Castings 10 mm range.

Before I had Warhammer I had Grenadier’s Fantasy Warriors boxset and I loved Mark Copplestone’s Dwarves and Orcs. And his 10 mm counterparts have the same style, plus a little LOTR flavour! I had to order some just for fun.


Well, I got my package last Friday (very fast delivery), and even if I was planning on spending my hobby time painting my ETL IV entry, my plans changed upon seeing those tiny little beards.

They were super fun and easy to paint. I haven’t enjoyed painting this much in a very long time!

I did have a look at the Warmaster rules and miniatures to base them properly and bought some bases from Renedra. I did some tests to see how many miniatures I would put per row. With 4 I could fill exactly three bases (just what a Warmaster unit needs), but they looked too empty so I went with 5 per row. That means 1 pack doesn’t have enough miniatures to fill the 3 bases, so I’ll have to buy more packs of them. Which I don’t care because I love them.


Dark Angels Return
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